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Coloured floor systems easy-to-clean and appealing.



Coloured sealants: colour defining, film-forming, overall liquidity repelling, thin layered surface protection system. For improvement of the abrasion resistance and for easy cleaning and maintenance, colour design as well as marking. Generally it has a lamination strength of 0,1 – 0,3 mm and is being applied with a suitable colour roll.

Coloured coatings

Film-forming, lightly filled, pigmented liquid synthetic material, applied e.g. with a serrated rubber plate slide and is worked through with a colour roll. The lamination strength amounts to 0,3 – 2,0 mm. For mechanically and chemically used areas e.g.

Special Advantages:

  • Solvent free
  • odourless
  • good levelling and filling characteristics


Chemisch: mittel
Mechanisch: mittel


colour: according to SIPU
colour collection for industrial floors
degree of gloss: glossy
structure: clean and even




Floor coating system also for crack prone surfaces.

The system characteristics are excellent adhesion, elasticity and – resulting from this – the crack bridging quality.


structure: clean and even
colour: according to SIPU colour collection for industrial floors

Degree of Glossy

Chemisch: mittel
Mechanisch: mittel

Special Advantages:

elastic, crack bridging, very good levelling characteristics

Non-skid surfaces

Non-skid surfaces are required wherever slippery materials can get onto the surface of the floor construction.

Application areas:

  • food industry
  • laundries
  • ramps
  • shop floors
  • washing areas

Special Advantages:

  • non-skid
  • high mechanical resistance
  • decorative


ESD (electro static discharge) is the electro static discharge of charged persons or items through galvanic contact or through a spark which sometimes is not noticed by the person affected owing to its low energy. The reason for ESD is electric charging which is caused by separation of charges due to friction charging of different materials or due to electric induction in electric areas. The SIPU Kunststoffböden GmbH offers 2 different systems:

SIPU ESD float coating

SIPU ESD structure coating

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