Reconstruction of floors

for industry, merchandise and trade

Reconstruction of floors is an economically reasonable investment to accelerate complex production processes. Old brittle floor pavements and concrete floors just as tarmac areas, stone and wood floors or tiles can be reconstructed in the best way. The same applies to new floor pavements and concrete floors in order to avoid disintegration through mechanical and chemical influences right from the beginning.


| Solid – but elastic

Through the balanced ratio between high solidity and elasticity the high resistance quality of the SIPU epoxy resin is achieved. In this way cracking independent of the underground, chipping off of the surface layer or any other damage caused by the surface can be avoided. The penetration of oils, bacteria etc. can also be excluded. This is especially beneficial by avoiding environmental waste (hazardous waste).

| Floors for your individual requirements

In a first step the surfaces are cleaned dust-free with our ecologically friendly cleaning systems (blastrac rays). Heavily greased or fat stained surfaces will be flame cleaned. After that a special SIPU adhesion base coat is applied depending on the surface. Then the actual coating is done. It can be produced individually in terms of colour and surface texture depending on your requirements. You can already walk on the newly laid SIPU epoxy resin floor after only 12 hours. If you would like to receive further information – perhaps regarding your special requirements – please contact us at [email protected].

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