Maintenance program for epoxy & polyurethane floors

as well as strongly used synthetic material floors

With the right maintenance system your epoxy resin and polyurethane floors will remain glossy, clean and permanently resistant. The SIPU-Maintenance-Program was specifically developed for the maintenance of high quality synthetic material floors and contains all important additives to keep your floors in the best condition possible. The liquid cleaners can be used partly highly diluted by wet mopping or by using cleaning machines. Your floors will be thoroughly cleaned and long-term protected from new layers of dirt which are difficult to remove.

Pflegepro­gramm für Epoxidharz- & Polyurethan­böden - Biologisch abbaubar

The production of the SIPU maintenance program for synthetic material floors is subject to a safe and environmentally sound production process. The liquid cleaning and care products are produced in line with the regulations of the detergents law and are not subject to any labelling obligation according to the hazardous materials regulations.

| SIPUxil

Floor base cleaner:

  • solvent-free
  • cleans fast and thorough
  • removes emulsion wax and polymer layers

based on:

  • special emulsifiers
  • washing active substances and mild alkaline.

| SIPU-Mopping liquid 353

Anti-dirt-coat dispersion:

  • for the permanent cleaning and maintenance of synthetic material floors
  • to be applied to thoroughly cleaned floors
  • leaves a hard-wearing and non-skid glossy protective film
  • avoids the build-up of difficult to remove dirt layers

| SIPU-Floor sealant

High glass protection emulsion:

  • highly concentrated, to be applied to thoroughly cleaned floors
  • metal cross-linked synthetic material base coat dispersion with high pressure emulsion wax
  • creates an extremely resistant high gloss non-skid protection film

| SIPU-Clean

Universalcleaner & floor maintenance system:

  • alcoholic gloss cleaner
  • antibacterial
  • for thorough, mild and effective cleaning with streak free gloss without polishing
  • the cleaned areas dry fast, without remnants, streak clean
  • creating a long-lasting freshness

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